7 Most Innovative Firefighting Equipment In The World

firefighters fighting a rampant fire
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All the world’s technology would amount to nothing if it couldn’t enable us to counter disasters and save more lives. Fortunately, there are notable contributions innovators constantly make towards this cause. In this article, we look at the most innovative firefighting equipment that helps firefighters fend off stray fires.

From anti-fire balls to modified fire hydrants, there are a number of firefighting solutions that engineers have developed through the years. These items use different techniques to extinguish fires of different intensities.

If you would like to see these firefighting tools in action, check out the video below. It depicts live demonstrations of these life-saving items put to good use.

Firefighting equipment that can extinguish flames with ease

1. Thermite robotic firefighters

thermite firefighter robot
Image: Howe & Howe

Thermite robotic firefighters are a good substitute for human firefighters. They can mitigate the fire in adverse conditions, navigate dangerous scenarios aptly, and share crucial information with emergency services. Each of these sturdy robots is controlled using a remote belly-pack controller. Users can also see a live camera feed of the robot’s surroundings to tackle the fire situation better.

2. Spartan fire hydrant

spartan fire hydrant
Image: Sigelock

Spartan is a new breed of fire hydrants that improves upon the traditional fire hydrant’s qualities and overcomes its limitations. Its design is such that no one can break it open to steal water and you can only open it using a special tool that firefighters have access to. The same tool can lock into place as a lever and enables you to increase or decrease the water flow. Moreover, this fire hydrant is rust-proof, leakage-proof, and needs less maintenance as compared to regular fire hydrants.

3. Foam fire suppression system

foam fire suppression system
Image: Fire Systems

Putting out a fire with only water is too mainstream, but doing the same with foam is different. A foam fire suppression system relies on using a combination of foam and water to extinguish big fires. It uses a special type of chemical agent that puts out stray flames by cooling them down and by separating the fire source from its surroundings. This kind of firefighting equipment can even be installed on the ceiling of a room.

4. Elide fire-extinguishing ball

elide fire extinguishing ball
Image: Elide Fire

Yet another unique way of fighting dangerous fires is by resorting to a chemical ball called Elide fire-extinguishing ball. For using this, you have to simply aim and throw the ball at the point of fire. As soon as you do that, the ball will emit a siren-like noise and then release the chemicals which react with the fire and produce salt and water to quickly defuse the fire. The ball starts deteriorating in effect, five years after manufacture.

5. IFEX Impluse firefighting gun

ifex impulse firefighting gun
Image: IFEX Technologies

The IFEX Impulse firefighting gun is a powerful fire extinguisher that releases water or a mixture of water and foam to subdue fires, whether small or big. It shoots the water and foam content at a speed of 400kmph or 248.5mph. There are three different variants of this firefighting gun that vary in size and features. Furthermore, these guns are used in tandem with a backpack or a trolley.

6. Bridgehill car fire blanket

bridgehill car fire blanket
Image: Edarley

When a car catches fire, it emits toxic fumes and poses great danger. Bridgehill’s car fire blanket is typically designed to contain such fire incidents. All the firefighters have to do is cover the burning car with this blanket and let it work its magic in a span of about 20 minutes. Not only does it extinguish the fire, but it also blocks the harmful smoke from spreading. It is a low-maintenance, portable, and durable product that can last for up to 30 fires.

7. Firefighter drone

firefighter drone
Image: YouTube / Sons Of Xplosion

Drones are an extremely useful device as they let us achieve the objective remotely. These can also be used to handle fire emergencies from a distance, as demonstrated by the YouTube channel named Sons Of Xplosion. The channel showed an instance in which a bomber drone dropped a pair of fire-extinguishing capsules to successfully put out a ground fire. This option of firefighting could be a big gamechanger as it eliminates risking the lives of firefighters in such incidents.

Each of these firefighting solutions is suitable for a particular scenario and certain conditions. Therefore, the most effective option for extinguishing fire would vary from one case to another. Still, which firefighting equipment did you find the most interesting? Sound off in the comments below.

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