DuckDuck Go Search Engine Banned In India By ISPs

DuckDuck Go Ban In India

DuckDuck Go is one of the most popular search engines amongst privacy enthusiasts worldwide. However, it seems that DuckDuck Go has been banned in India by multiple ISPs. Several users running Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone took to Reddit and Twitter, saying they weren’t able to access the DuckDuck Go website on their smartphones as well as PCs.

This comes two days after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in the country. However, DuckDuck Go is a US-based search engine company, and we believe there are no apparent reasons for the government to ban it. According to some users, visiting the official website of the privacy-focused search engine is displaying a “server not reachable” error message.

Users have been facing the issue since this morning. Many have said that DuckDuck Go is banned on mobile data and not on a broadband connection. After facing the issue, a couple of users successfully managed to access DuckDuck Go using a VPN. ‘DuckDuck Go’ has already begun to trend on Twitter. Meanwhile, the search engine company posted on its Twitter handle, stating that there’s nothing wrong on their end.

I was able to visit DuckDuck Go on using Vodafone mobile data but a friend of mine wasn’t able to access it on Airtel. Moreover, my colleague wasn’t able to surf through the DuckDuck Go app on his iPhone.

Amidst the uncertainty, the reason behind the issue is still unknown. This isn’t the first time an ISP has blocked a website in India. Earlier, Jio telecom blocked Telegram, porn websites, and even SoundCloud.

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