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A hoverboard looks like a skateboard without wheels. It is a hovering/levitating board which was used for personal transportation in the movies Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. With the help of special effects, these movies were able to show the hoverboards hovering above the ground. In past, some companies have marketed the hovercraft vehicles as hoverboards but no such product has been successful to replicate the actual hoverboard shown in Back to the Future movies.

Is world’s first hoverboard a real deal?

Hendo has introduced the world’s first real hoverboard and hover developer kit. This Hendo hoverboard hovers 1 inch off the ground and is clearly visible in the prototype video. The company is running a Kickstarter campaign and getting lots of love from the Kickstarter community. The Hendo hoverboard is able to lift a person and defy the gravity, giving you a magical experience.

What’s the science behind it?

The Hendo hoverboard performs this magic using its four disc-shaped hover engines. These engines create a strong and special kind of magnetic field which pushes against itself. This push helps the board to get the thrust to levitate the board off the ground. This board also drives you forward by alteration of forces which are being projected on the surface.

Hendo Hoverboards- Kickstarter

The scientific phenomenon used here is electromagnetic levitation using electromagnetic repulsion.

This Hendo hoverboard needs a non-ferromagnetic conductor and the company is using common metals in form of simple sheets, but they are working on new and cheaper components to minimize the cost and maximize the performance.

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What is Whitebox Developer Kit?

Describing the developer kit, Hendo writes on Kickstarter:

Whitebox Developer Kit
Whitebox Developer Kit (Image: Hendo Hoverboard- Kickstarter)

Until the hoverboard is within everyone’s reach, we are offering the same technology in a small, accessible form factor – the Whitebox™ Developer Kit.

It is an affordable developer kit which aims at being user-friendly and designed to be explored and analyzed by hoverboard enthusiasts to create something new. This kit is operated by mobiles devices and has inbuilt charging systems. This has ability to move according to your instructions.

What can we expect from Hendo Hoverboard in future?

Given the fact that Hendo already has a working hoverboard, we can expect Hendo to develop something bigger and better in the future. This technology has numerous applications in fields like transportation, earthquake resistant structures, movable structures etc. The project is yet to be perfected but it exciting to know that the hoverboard technology has arrived.

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