Bloatware Inside USB-C Earphones? Yes, That’s A Thing Now.

Deezer Mobee-K Smart Earbuds

One thing that many people don’t like about some smartphone brands is that they put a lot of bloatware on their devices. Basically, these are the apps that might be useful but people don’t like them and use Google services.

Now, this trend of preloading software has reached earphone territory as well, more precisely, starting with a new pair of USB-C smart earphones released by Mobee-K. Priced at $22.70, the earphones come pre-installed with the Deezer music streaming app.

What’s this preloaded fuss all about?

The popular streaming service Deezer has partnered with Mobee-K to preload its music streaming app on the USB-C earbuds. After connecting to one of the select Samsung devices like Galaxy S21, S10, Z Flip, Note 20, Note 10, the Deezer app will be automatically sideloaded onto the device.

In addition to music, it also adds custom Deezer-powered theme, wallpaper, exclusive playlists, and custom Deezer shortcuts to the lock screen.

To make justice to Deezer’s superior sound quality, the new Smart Earphones come with support for HiFi audio. Furthermore, while Deezer’s experience is limited to some devices, the earphones are compatible with virtually all smartphones that have a USB-C port.

Speaking by the numbers, Deezer is a comparatively smaller streaming service when put against Apple Music or Spotify. Hence, finding ways to make itself more visible and as an option to the user seems understandable.

However, what’s surprising and interesting at the same time is that earphones which are usually known for their simplicity are now carrying preloaded software.

Via The Verge

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