Creepy Smartphone Case Has ‘Human Skin’ (Fake); Can Do Wonders

Skin-On Artificial Smartphone Case

For years, smartphone cases have contributed to improving the beauty of our devices. Be it the soft flexible TPU or the hard one that can withstand falls and bumps.

It’s about time that phone cases need some innovation. A research team led by researcher Marc Teyssier is working on a new kind of case called Skin-On that puts human skin on at the back of your smartphone.

Yeah, it’s artificial but feels very close to what we have on our bodies. Honestly speaking it does look a little bit cringy but that feeling goes right away when realizing what this artificial human skin can do.

Skin-On isn’t simply just a blob of human cells. Just like regular skin, it supports common human gestures like a stroke or a tickle. The goal is to replicate the properties of human skin for smartphones. This allows us to do stuff inside the device by caressing the smartphone (I didn’t expect I’ll have to write this someday).

For example, it can be used as a touchpad with support for pinch-to-zoom. You can control the smartphone UI and select options by touching the human-like case. It can show different options on the screen based on how you’re holding the phone.

Not just smartphones, the artificial skin can also be applied to smartwatches, or robots for that matter, to make them feel human touches. Right now, Skin-On is in the prototype phase; it comes in a normal version that won’t creep you out and an ultrarealistic version. Hopefully, the final version, when it comes out, would look much more appealing.

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