Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Works Even When Your Eyes Are Closed [Updated]

Pixel 4's Face unlock

UPDATE: Following the Pixel 4 face unlock issue, Google has suggested that it will release a software update to fix the issue in the coming months.

In a statement to The Verge, Google has suggested that the update will require users to open up their eyes while unlocking the device.

Furthermore, Google has suggested that until the update arrives, users can enable a security feature that would want a set PIN, passcode, or pattern for the next unlock. To know more about the feature, you can head over here.

Since Google launched the new Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL, there seem to be more flaws than perfection to the company’s 2019 lineup of smartphones. Amongst a couple of problems, a new security issue has appeared that concerns the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock feature.

Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Flaw

Due to the security flaw, users can unlock the Pixel 4 with the help of the facial recognition feature, even when their eyes are closed. This might give rise to cases when the device can easily be unlocked while you are sleeping.

BBC’s Chris Fox was the first to discover the security flaw, and Google has confirmed the same on its website.

The company’s website has a Face Unlock page that details how the biometrics feature works. It states, “Your phone can also be unlocked by someone else if it’s held up to your face, even if your eyes are closed.

As the smartphone can easily be unlocked in scenarios when the eyes are both open and shut, Google asks users to remain safe and keep the device in a secure place like “your front pocket or handbag” or maybe in a safe and forget about it.

Additionally, Google has suggested that the smartphone can be conveniently unlocked by anyone who looks similar to you, maybe a twin or an identical sibling.

However, Google claimed during the boring Pixel 4 launch event that their new face unlocking tech is the “fastest.”

Also, on the same support page, the search giant suggests that you can use their tech to “confirm payments.”

The Issue’s A Problem!

While the glitch sounds fun and might be used to goof up around with your friends, it is a privacy concern as it allows people with malign intent to easily access your device and possibly your bank account.

Since Google has clearly stated the flaw on its website, I am not sure when it will come with a solution for the same and try resolving it.

Samsung’s Has A Security Flaw Too!

Quite recently, Samsung acknowledged that its Galaxy S10 has a security issue that allows anyone (like anyone) to unlock the smartphone using its fingerprint scanner.

The South Korean tech giant will soon release a software update to solve the issue.

There have been cases in the past that throw light on how biometrics on smartphones aren’t that secure after all.

Previously the Galaxy S10 Plus’ in-display fingerprint scanner was fooled by a fake 3D print, and the Nokia 9 PureView’s fingerprint scanner could be unlocked with a pack of gum. Additionally, the iPhone X was in the news for its not-so-secure 3D Face Unlock.

As the issue has been prevalent for a while now, its high time tech companies start focusing on the one factor these features are meant for — the security of the users.

What are your thoughts on the same? Comment below!

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