Connect Your Phone and Computer with These Free Apps and Enhance Your Productivity


You can make your phone even more productive if you can connect them with your computer. Connecting them isn’t just about using a USB cable, here we are talking about some powerful apps to increase your productivity. These apps will help you to transfer files, send text messages via your computer, and help your device and computer to talk to each other and a lot more.


Android and iOS

Moaxis connects to your phone to show your notifications on your desktop. The app’s main purpose is to let you send text messages from the Moaxis Windows, Mac, and Chrome apps on your computer.

You download Moaxis for your phone and then add a new computer. After finishing the setup process, you won’t really need to open the app again. Now you are ready to use the desktop app to send text messages. Old conversations will appear in the app and you can continue them.


Android and iOS

Pushbullet has become very popular lately. It started out as a way to send links, notes, and files between your devices and now has transformed into a great way for both transferring information, and displaying your Android’s notifications on your desktop, using the app and a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox.

This free app pretty fine for sharing notes, links, checklists, files, and map locations from your computer to your phone or the other way. Distinctive feature is that you can also send these items to your friends who also use Pushbullet.


Android only

This application combines many features into one like sending files wirelessly, viewing notifications on your desktop, and sending text messages from your computer.

Airdroid helps you to manage your phone. You can view call logs and your clipboard, install new apps and take a screenshot remotely.

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