This Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Is The Most Exquisite Piece Of Tech Money Can Buy

Flaunt a 10 grand phone!

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
Image: Caviar

Flagship smartphones usually cost between $1500-$2000. You may think that it may not seem luxurious enough for people with deep pockets who want everything to be exquisite. Caviar is a brand that started out with the idea of ‘luxuriating’ smartphones and other expensive gadgets.

Their latest offering in the luxury smartphone lineup is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Caviar has announced four Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Caviar editions on their website, each of which sports a custom engraving design, meteorite elements, gold plating, and whatnot.

Is the Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 any different?

It is still the same phone with the same flagship hardware and a foldable design. For your reference, the original one costs about $1799 for the base variant. The cheapest phone in the Caviar lineup begins at $9510. It is almost an $8000 price rise for making your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 stand out from the crowd.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
Image: Caviar

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has four variants: Black Rain, Solar Eclipse, Canyon Diablo, and Golden Meteor. Each one has a different price tag, and the prices can increase if you choose a model with a bigger storage capacity. On top of that, the company plans to make only limited copies of each one of them. The Canyon Diablo and Golden Meteor models will have only 29 limited edition copies. Black Rain and Solar Eclipse will have 99 copies each. So, apart from being a luxury item, the Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will also be a limited item.

It uses meteorite particles from three different stones – Seymchan, Muonionalusta, and Canyon Diablo. Caviar also adds some gold-plated elements on the back of two designs. Needless to say that it is for the uber-rich who cannot bear to have a basic Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 in their hands. It might seem ridiculous to pay 5-6 times more for the same phone, but Caviar appeal to different strata of society. The company also lists iPhone 14 as a gift option that you can use to customize the upcoming and highly-anticipated model of the iPhone.

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