Bullet Train Release Date: Will It Come To Netflix, HBO Max, Or Disney+?

Bullet Train online release date
Image credit: Sony Pictures

Brad Pitt has the talent to deliver a memorable performance in any of the movies he stars in. He has done so numerous times throughout his illustrious career. Despite the actor nearing 60, he can never let go of his love for the action genre; it’s evident from his brand new movie Bullet Train.

The movie features ever-so-talented Sandra Bullock alongside Pitt. The actor will play an American assassin who is ready to retire, but his dealer (Sandra Bullock) wants him to complete one last job.

The mission is to track down an important briefcase that is on a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto. At first, the job might seem too easy, but when Pitt’s character actually starts the mission, he will realize it’s not easy at all.

Bullet Train release date

Bullet Train online release date
Image credit: Sony Pictures

The 2022 action film is all set to make its debut on the big screen on August 05, 2022. You can easily watch the movie by heading over to the nearest theater.

With that said, let’s discuss if the movie will be coming to any streaming platform or not. After all, a lot of fans now prefer to watch films online rather than going to a theater.

Bullet Train online release date

The movie’s distribution rights are owned by Sony, which makes things very tricky for its digital release as HBO Max is naturally out of the race. So the movie can be expected to release online on either Netflix or Disney+.

Earlier, Sony signed a deal with Disney and Netflix to allow its titles to release on both streaming services. In simple terms, the movie should arrive on Netflix first and later on Disney+. As for the Netflix release date, you would have to wait at least a couple of months.

The most recent example of it was when Uncharted was released on Netflix after a five-month theatrical run. Keeping that in mind, the film should come to Netflix in late 2022. As for Disney+, Sony Pictures’ titles will arrive on it 18 months after the theatrical release.

This is it for this article; what are your expectations from Bullet Train? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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