Call Of Duty Vanguard Could Get Revealed In Warzone

Call Of Duty Vanguard Could Get Revealed In Warzone
Screengrab: Call of Duty Warzone

While the name of the upcoming Call of Duty title is more or less confirmed to be ‘Vanguard,’ we still don’t know much about the release date. At this point, COD Vanguard, which will return the franchise to World War 2, is without a doubt one of the highly anticipated games of 2021.

Meanwhile, if a new leak is to be believed, we could see a ‘Vanguard reveal event’ in COD Warzone sometime soon. Fans of the franchise can expect Vanguard gets an in-game reveal event in Warzone; Since this won’t be the first time a COD game gets revealed in such a way. In the past, COD Black Ops Cold War was also featured in a similar reveal in-game event.

Interestingly, we could see a WW2 version of Verdansk in COD Vanguard, according to a previous leak. Not just this, the map in the upcoming Vanguard is expected to be huge, with multiple planes and tanks.

Call of Duty Vanguard leaked killstreak?

However, a recent leak by HeyImAlaix on Twitter reveals that we could see a rather popular COD scorestreaks from the previous games come to Vanguard. COD Modern Warfare 2’s popular Killstreak ‘AC-130’ might get incorporated in COD Vanguard.

Interestingly, the Lockheed AC-130, which apparently was the inspiration for the AC-130 killstreak, doesn’t belong to the WW2 era. Then again, if we were to see a similar killstreak in COD Vanguard, it probably would bear a different name or look; because the developers have to sell the idea and assimilate all things WW2 for Vanguard.

In addition, seeing that Call of Duty Vanguard is probably not very far from the release date, we could see a reveal soon. It is expected that the ‘big reveal’ for COD Vanguard might get dropped towards the end of Warzone season 4 or during season 5.

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