Call Of Duty Mobile Tricks: How To Spot Enemies Easily On HQ?

Call of Duty Mobile is hands down one of the best mobile games right now. With an immense player base, new tips and tricks are bound to surface now and then. One of the Call Of Duty Mobile tricks that came to light, allows players to survive the aerial HQ fight easily.

Being one of the most sought-after spots to land in the battle royale mode, HQ offers good loot, including level 3 armor, level 4 Assault rifles, a helicopter, and some early in-game action. However, it is not easy to spot enemies on HQ. One reason is that the mini-map doesn’t work when a player is on the HQ. Another reason can be attributed to the verticality of HQ. There are too many angles to watch; however, this is why this trick comes in handy.

Reach On Top Of HQ To Spot Enemies Easily

Apparently, this Call of Duty Mobile trick requires you to reach on top of the headquarters. That will give you an edge over your enemies, irrespective of your gun, as you will see everyone.

An alternate way to reach the topmost point

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The majority of players believe that to reach the top of headquarters in CODM’s battle royale, they have to land there immediately as they jump from the plane.

However, a YouTuber named KvleOfficial Gaming has performed a trick in his video, where he reaches the top of the headquarters by climbing the laser beams below the HQ.

The laser beams allow a player to reach the headquarters at any given point in the game. However, to reach the top of headquarters, players will have to jump just as they reach the top of the beam to get to the highest position.

Reach the top of the laser beam and jump

In the video, you can see at around 2 minutes, the trick to climb to the top of headquarters is performed.

KvleOfficial Gaming added that he learned the Call of Duty Mobile trick from another YouTuber, Blink Gaming. The YouTuber also mentioned that it’s a trick that is known to a limited number of players.

Call Of Duty Mobile Trick or Glitch?

At present, it is unknown if this is a trick or a glitch within the game. However, it doesn’t look like TiMi Studios is going to remove this from the game. So, as of now, this trick is there for players to employ in their gameplay and make the most out of it.

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