Call of Duty Mobile Might Get Tanks, Dance Floor, & A New Zombie Boss

Call of Duty Mobile Might Add Tanks, New Zombie Boss, & Dance Floor
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Call of Duty Mobile recently released a massive Season 7 update for its beta servers. The update brought in a lot of fascinating content to both Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

After the update, the Battle Royale map is even more massive in Call of Duty Mobile beta. Also, there is a new ‘Takeo’s Katana’ operator skill in Multiplayer.

However, a lot of new content in the Season 7 beta update has missed the limelight and needs to be discussed. Let’s say that things are going to get crazy in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7.–MIqdWgs8

There are several new locations in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 beta update; however, Downtown will surely be everyone’s favorite. That is because this location has a Disco Dance floor inside a club.

Interestingly, players can play different music and show their emotes on the dance floor, which is quite impressive. Naturally, players will rush to this place with their squad to show some moves. However, holding the ground on the dance floor will not be easy, with all the enemies roaming around.

It’s the sixth season of Call of Duty Mobile, but there has been only one zombie boss since the start. However, it looks like that’s going to change in Season 7. The latest update for Call of Duty Mobile test servers introduces a new Zombie boss, who goes by the name ‘The Butcher.’

Compared to the current Zombie Boss, Butcher looks extremely scary. He holds a butcher knife in his hands and has blood all over his clothes. 

Finally, the coolest thing in the COD Mobile Season 7 beta update is the introduction of tanks in Battle Royale. You will pretty soon see players blasting their way through everything on the COD’s Isolated Map.

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