C++ Knocks Python From Top Three Popular Programming Languages


The widely used object-oriented programming language C++ has finally gained back its position in the top three slots for the most popular programming languages ranked by the TIOBE Index.

It marks the return of C++ after September when Python snatched the third position in the programming languages list. Back then, C++ managed to occupy the fourth slot, Java and C seated at first and second position.

Now, in April 2019, the top two positions remain unchanged as Java continues to dominate in the first position and C is still maintaining a good hold over the second slot.

TIOBE notes that the exchange of rankings between C++ and Python isn’t because of a decrease in the latter’s popularity. In fact, considering the whole stats, C++ is actually facing a decline in its overall popularity and Python continues to climb the ladder.

TIOBE Index April 2019
TIOBE Index April 2019
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Even though C++ is popular and continues to gain more fans, the language isn’t a dominating force in the programming landscape anymore, and it mostly appears as a developer favorite for many use cases.

According to TIOBE, “C++ is still far away from its popularity in the beginning of this century when it had a market share of more than 15%.”

At present, C++ is mostly a favorite for game developers and complex business applications, largely because of its efficiency and the precise control over memory use.

However, C++ comes with its own set of flaws which gives developers a chance to introduce bugs unintentionally — mostly due to memory mismanagement.


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