Smartphone That Runs Blockchain In Development: The First Of Its Kind To Boost Crypto Wallets

Source: Sirin Labs
Sirin labs, the developer of the highly secure Solarin smartphones, has announced an open-source smartphone that will run on a fee-less blockchain. The company is launching a crowdsale event this October to support the development of Finney, a family of secure devices which will include a smartphone and an all-in-one PC.

The Finney family of devices will be the first of their kind to be designed specifically for the blockchain generation. It combines the functionality of Android OS with an ultra-secure blockchain enabled environment. According to an official press release, all Finney devices will form an independent blockchain network powered by the IOTA’s Tangle technology. It will not operate under any centralized backbones or mining centers.

The new devices will run on a Sirin Labs operating system that will be designed to support Blockchain applications such as crypto wallets or P2P resource sharing ecosystem, using SRN token as default currency. Sirin Labs cyber protection suite will provide added security features like Three-Factor authentication and physical security switch.

Finney smartphones will come with a 5.2-inch QHD display packing 256GB of internal memory and 8GB RAM. The front camera is reported to be 12MP while there will be a 16MP one on the back. The processor is not yet listed, but with a price tag of around $1000, we should expect nothing less than Snapdragon 835. Also, you’ll need SRN tokens to buy Finney.

The earlier venture by this company, $14000 Solarin smartphone, saw just $10 million in sales which might have been a factor in laying-off of one-third of its staff. CEO and Founder of SIRIN LABS, Moshe Hogeg, said that the world cannot truly embrace digital economy without a change in device architecture to enable true security, without compromising on user experience.

Do you think the cryptocurrency community will embrace the Finney family of devices? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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