This Moving Car Wash Machine Can Clean Your Vehicle On The Go

bitimec wash bot

When you are out on the road, there are chances that, besides some road trip memories, you will also collect nasty dirt on your vehicle on the way. Naturally, you would want to get rid of this dirt, but the reality is that car wash places aren’t easy to find everywhere. Thanks to Bitimec Wash Bot, the car wash would come to you instead of the other way around.

The Bitimec Wash Bot is a semi-automatic and mobile car wash that can clean vehicles of a range of sizes. It is an effective way to remove stubborn dirt from cars and trucks without stopping at a car wash station.

The product’s on-demand, quick, and comprehensive cleaning of vehicles is something you might not have seen before. You can watch the Wash Bot make the shabbiest vehicles shiny again in the video below.

The stages of Bitimec Wash Bot’s working

The Wash Bot is attached to a truck like a trailer so that you can easily transport it to different locations. Before the cleaning starts, you would have to begin rolling it out using the attached controller. During this step, the Wash Bot automatically changes from a normal-looking trailer container to an upright machine.

Once the Wash Bot unfolds fully, you would need to use the handlebars to maneuver it next to a vehicle. After that, you can use the various buttons and switches to kick off the car-washing process. While this process is underway, you would have to use the handles to move the machine around the vehicle.

The first phase of the car-washing process involves spraying pulverized soap and brushing the surface of the car all around. This is followed by two successive washes where the vehicle undergoes more brushing and rinsing with water.

All of these actions are at the tip of your fingers, thanks to the switches available for controlling the detergent pump, water pump, brush rotation, etc. At all times, you can check the water level to make sure you have sufficient quantity left for use.

bitimec wash bot cleaning a train
A Wash Bot cleaning a train. (Image:

Interestingly, Bitimec has a fleet of these Wash Bots that have different specifications and are suitable for washing different types of transport. While certain variants can only wash four-wheelers, others, such as Wash-Bots SEP-900 F1, can even help bathe an entire train.

Certain firms, especially those in the transportation industry, have purchased Bitimec Wash Bots to get their vehicles cleaned on demand. Do you think Wash Bots will replace traditional car washes? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you’re into trains, make sure to check out how railroads are laid down.

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