The Latest Meta AI Can Translate Up To 200 Languages

The Latest Meta AI Can Translate 200 Languages
Image by Aman Anand/ Fossbytes

Meta has created a brand new language translation AI to help diverse groups who speak many languages like Africa and Asia. Meta announced a single AI model called no language left behind (NLLB-200) that can translate 200 different languages.

According to meta, their translation AI yields more accurate results than previous technology. It can translate 200 languages and improve the quality of translation across technologies by an average of 44%.

Will Meta’s translation AI be helpful?

The Latest Meta AI Can Translate 200 Languages
Image: Meta

The world thrives on communication and language, but the lack of a high-quality translation tool makes it difficult for people from different ethnic groups to participate fully in conversations. Meta hopes to reduce the barrier by introducing its latest language translation AI.

Along with English, the internet has many Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic speakers. According to Meta’s post, “native speakers of these vary widely spoken languages may take for granted how meaningful it is to read something in your mother tongue,”

Meta’s translation AI will help many people read things in their preferred language. This will end the requirement of always having an intermediate language.

How good is it?

The translation quality of NLLB-200 was, on average, 44% better than that of earlier AI research. The translations produced by NLLB-200 were more precise than human translations for some languages having African and Indian roots.

Meta created FLORES-200, a dataset that enables researchers to gauge the performance of this AI model in 40,000 different language directions to assess and enhance NLLB-200 effectively.

To help other researchers improve their translation tools, Meta is opening NLLB-200 models and the FLORES-200 dataset to developers. The FLORES-200 allows meta to measure NLLB 200’s performance in each language to assure high-quality translations.

According to the company’s post, Meta is also giving a hefty reward of $200 000 for impactful uses of NLLB-200. The reward is specifically for research and non-profit organizations. The initiatives focused on sustainability, gender-based violence, food security, education, or other areas that support UN sustainable development will be awarded.

AI continues to help us achieve marvels, but sometimes it’s a complete mess. Check out DALL E mini’s obsession with women in sarees. What do you think about the Language translation AI from meta? Will it help many people?

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