Best Live Wallpaper Apps For All Windows PC [Free]

best live wallpaper apps for pc

Aren’t you just bored of the plain old wallpaper on your desktop and want to spice things up? Live wallpaper is a great way to make your desktop look better than ever. We have put together some of the best live wallpaper apps for PCs that you can use to make this happen.

If you love customizing your PC, you may want to check out these applications. These applications are entirely free and support various formats such as GIFs, videos, web pages, etc. They also come pre-installed with some live wallpaper that you can use right away.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best free live wallpaper apps for Windows PCs that you should try out right now:

Best live wallpaper apps for PC [Free]

Lively Wallpaper


‘Lively Wallpaper’ is one of the most popular live wallpaper apps. It comes pre-installed with 12 amazing live wallpapers. It is one of the more advanced live wallpaper apps on this list as it has many features. Users can even customize their live wallpapers if they are supported.

It is a pretty lightweight app that automatically pauses the live wallpaper when playing a game or running a full-screen application. The application also supports multi-monitor setups, 4K resolution, and ultra-wide aspect ratios. It is by far one of the best live wallpaper applications for PCs.

We have even featured this application in our live wallpaper guide that you can read to know how to install it.



Rainmeter is another popular live wallpaper app that has been around since 2001. It is a lightweight app that runs smoothly on your PC without heavy resources. Users will get a wide range of customizable options to change their desktop looks completely.

The application also comes pre-installed with multiple widgets and a toolkit to set up all the necessary information on your desktop. You can also download your favorite skins from a massive directory. Both the skins and widgets are completely customizable.

It even lets you use your videos as the desktop background. You can also use a still image or a GIF as your desktop background. It runs smoothly without needing many hardware resources, including memory and storage.

Desktop Live Wallpapers


Desktop Live Wallpapers is a free application that offers the best-animated wallpapers for your desktop. Users can download live animated wallpapers from its collection. The application also points you toward several websites from which you can download many amazing wallpapers.

You can set any video file on your PC as your desktop background with the pro version. With this, you can also make your live wallpapers. Users won’t have to worry about PC performance as it automatically pauses the live wallpaper when the desktop is hidden.

Desktop Live Wallpaper also supports a multi-monitor setup with up to 3 monitors and various DPIs. Users can also play videos along with their audio by switching the option in settings.


win dynamic desktop

WinDynamicDesktop is a desktop customizer that brings the Dynamic Desktop feature from the macOS to Windows PCs. With this application, you make your Windows PC look like Mac. Apart from macOS wallpapers, it also supports animated wallpapers, making it one of the best live wallpaper apps for all Windows PC.

The app can change your desktop wallpaper based on the time of the day. Users can customize these timings or leave them location-based. You also can select your preferred theme when you are setting up the app.

MyLiveWallpapers: Best live wallpaper portal

my live wallpapers

MyLiveWallpapers is a dedicated website where you can find many animated wallpapers for free. Users can find live wallpapers from many categories such as anime, fantasy, gaming, nature, sci-fi, etc. The website has over 300 pages of live wallpapers that you can download on your PC.

It even has its application, MLWapp, that you can use to apply these wallpapers. MLWapp also has the same features as other apps on this list, such as video backgrounds and audio support. You can also make playlists with different live wallpapers and play them on a loop.

Bonus: Where to get the best live wallpaper?

Like MyLiveWallpapers, there are many sites where you can download live and animated wallpapers. Here are some of the best live wallpaper websites you can use:

Windows 10/11 doesn’t natively support live wallpapers for PC, but the applications mentioned above can make up for it. We hope you find a good free live wallpaper app for your Windows PC. Now go ahead and customize your PC to your heart’s desire.

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