5 Best Free CCleaner Alternatives To Remove Junk From Your PC

Best CCleaner Alternatives
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Computers tend to accumulate a lot of junk over their usage, so cleaning the same is critical to ensure that your computer works smoothly without lags. When we talk about junk cleaners for computers, CCleaner is probably one of the first tools that comes to your mind, but are there any alternatives to CCleaner?

CCleaner has previously been accused of shipping malware with the app and adding features that may significantly slow down your computer. In this article, let’s glance at some of the best CCleaner alternatives that help you keep the junk out of your computer.

Best CCleaner alternatives

In reality, Windows is smart enough to handle junk files, but if you want to take matters into your own hands, the tools listed below are some of the best you can find on the internet. Unlike other “popular” tools, these are open-source, more secure, and work as intended.

1. BleachBit

BleachBit is open-source software and one of the best alternatives to CCleaner. From browser cache, cookies, passwords, history, and sync files to app data, cache, and cookies, BleachBit can clear everything to free up space.

BleachBit app best ccleaner alternatives

2. BCUninstaller

BCUninstaller stands for Bulk Crap Uninstaller, and it does exactly what its name suggests; uninstalling bulky and crappy applications that are taking up storage space for no reason.


The app will scan all apps on your computer and label apps with colors. Green means the app has a valid certificate and it’s safe to keep it, Blue indicates an unverified certificate, Cyan indicates Windows store apps, Red indicates orphaned apps, etc. In most cases, you should be looking at uninstalling the apps marked with Red.

On top of all the features, BCUninstaller is open-source and thereby completely safe to use. Just select all apps at once and click on uninstall. That’s all it takes.

3. Czkawka

Pronounced as “Tskafka” which means “Hiccup” in Polish, Czkawka does a decent job of removing junk files from your computer. It can remove duplicates, empty folders, big files, empty files, temporary files, invalid symbolic links, broken files, and bad extensions.


The app is entirely free, open-source, and safe to use. It collects zero data because it doesn’t need an internet connection to work. The software is still actively developing; hence, you may face issues. Overall, it is one of the best CCleaner alternatives on the internet.

4. Windows Storage Sense

You probably didn’t know this, but Windows 10/11 ships with Windows’ Storage Sense, a feature that can help you delete junk files in a flash. Storage sense can give you a good overlay about what’s consuming memory on your PC and help you delete unused temporary files and apps.

Windows Storage sense best ccleaner alternative

Turning Storage Sense on will automatically take care of temporary files for you and ensure your computer functions smoothly. To find Storage Sense, head to Settings > Storage > Storage Sense.

5. WizTree

WizTree is yet another amazing app to help manually remove junk files off your PC. Yes, it’s not exactly a “Junk remover,” but it should give you an excellent overview of apps and files on Windows, which you can later manage.

WizTree best ccleaner alternatives

It also shows you the total space, space used, and free space on a hard drive. The app is highly customizable, meaning you can change how things are displayed in the app. Overall, it is one of the best manual CCleaner alternatives online.

Conclusion: Editor’s Choice

These were some of the best CCleaner alternatives. If you’re looking for the best, we recommend BleachBit. However, if you like manually cleaning your computer’s disk drive, WizTree is great. If you want a bulk app uninstaller, you can try out BCUninstaller and Geek Uninstaller.

What are your thoughts about Windows disk cleaners? Do you have any apps in mind that you believe deserve to be on this list of best CCleaner alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below.

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