6 Best Bows For Venti In Genshin Impact: F2P-Friendly Guide

Best Bows for venti

Venti, AKA the Anemo Archon, is one of the strongest Anemo units in Genshin Impact. Pair him with a great four-piece Viridescent Venerer set and a good bow, and he shall single-handedly handle enemies. While Viridescent is pretty easy to farm, you may run into difficulties when choosing a bow for Venti, especially if you’re a free-to-play player.

Fortunately, you have us. In this article, let’s look at some of the best bows for Venti to swirl the heck out of them, which will make him an actual god-tier unit, unlike in the lore (wink, wink, Signora).

While the base attack is a common stat across all weapons, the things that matter the most and make a weapon great are its passive and sub-stats. Character signature weapons are some of the best five-star weapons you can get in the game, but there are a lot of four-star options for free-to-play players as well. Sub-stats also play a critical role in determining how well a character performs, giving them massive Attack, HP, Defense, and Crit boosts.

6 best Bows for Venti: Four-star & Five-star options

One of the things Venti can do the best is crowd control, which makes him an amazing support unit. Even after Dendro, I believe Swirl remains the most powerful reaction in the game and can deal massive amounts of damage based on a character’s Elemental Mastery. Hence, the main focus while building Venti would be EM and Energy Recharge.

1. The Stringless

The Stringless - Best bows for venti

After looking at The Stringless, you’ll feel as though the Genshin devs created it to go perfectly with Venti but, in the end, decided to make it a four-star and less intimidating. Like Windblume Ode, it too scales on Elemental Mastery, but the area where it truly shines is in its sub-stats.

For starters, the weapon increases the elemental skill and burst damage by 24%. Hence you can use it for both DPS and support Venti. For example, if you have Xiangling in your team, you can apply Pyro first, switch to Venti, and use Elemental burst to swirl pyro. To help with more damage, you can also use his charged attacks, as the sub-stats increase the damage by 24%.

2. Elegy For The End

Elegy for the end - best weapons for Venti

Elegy For The End is the closest we’ll get to having a five-star lore-accurate weapon for Venti. Its primary passive scales off Energy Recharge (Max 55.1%), which is essential for Venti. The sub-stats are also precious for the Anemo Archon, granting him an additional 60 EM.

It also grants a stack every 0.2 seconds, and after gaining four of them, the players can remove them to grant an additional 100 EM and 20% attack buff for 12 seconds. Elegy For The End is meant to be used on a supporting character and may not be great for a DPS build.

3. Windblume Ode

Windblume Ode

While Windblume Ode is considered Venti’s signature weapon, but the truth is, Venti doesn’t have a signature weapon lore-wise like Ganyu and Amos’ bow. However, Windblume Ode is one of the best four-star weapons for Venti as its passive scales off Elemental Mastery, which helps in swirl reactions. One problem with this bow is that it was event exclusive. You could only get it by participating in a Mondstadt event.

If you’re an OG Genshin Player and own this bow, and if you’ve pulled Venti, this bow is a match made in heaven. When paired with artifacts with decent stats (Viridescent preferred), you can use this bow on Venti and use him as top-tier support. Its second passive increases Attack by 16% for six seconds.

4. Skyward Harp

skyward harp venti

Skyward Harp is a great option if you’re willing to build Venti as DPS. It has the highest base attack compared to any other bow in Genshin Impact, and its passive scales off Crit Rate, which could be critical (Pun intended) for Venti. You could equip this weapon and focus on building EM and Crit Damage for a capable DPS build.

Its sub-stats are also pretty amazing. They grant 20% extra crit damage, and hits made with this bow have a 60% chance of inflicting a small AoE attack and dealing 125% physical damage. This can, however, only occur once every four seconds. Overall, it is one of the best bows for building a DPS Venti.

5. Viridescent Hunt

Viridescent hunt

Apart from stats and sub-stats, if you’re looking for a more matching and aesthetically pleasing option for Venti, the Viridescent Hunt is the bow you should buy. Yes, you need to “buy” the battle pass and complete it to choose Viridescent Hunt.

The primary passive of the weapon is Crit Rate, which could be a key to building a DPS Venti. The sub-stats are pretty “descent” (pun intended, again) too. Upon hit, Normal and Aimed Shot Attacks have a 50% chance to generate a Cyclone, which will continuously attract surrounding opponents, dealing 40% of ATK as DMG to these opponents every 0.5s for 4s. This effect can only occur once every 14s.

6. Sacrificial Bow

Sacrificial bow

If you don’t have The Stringless, Sacrificial Bow is a pretty good option. First up, its primary passive scales off energy recharge (30.6% max), and the sub-stats grant a 40% chance to end the Elemental Skill cooldown when the same is used to damage an enemy. It’s more or less similar to the Sacrificial Sword, which is commonly used on Xingqui.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent option for Venti if it’s the only thing that you have in your inventory.

Which bow is the best for Venti?

Summing up, if I were you (because I still don’t have Venti, and I don’t want to whale), I would farm good artifacts and get an Anemo damage bonus Sands with good sub-stats, an EM Circlet, a Crit Rate + Crit Damage flower, and an Attack Goblet, with a good feather. In the end, I’d equip The Stringless because it’s an amazing option for support Venti. For DPS, Skyward Harp is the best.

What character builds and weapons would you like to see us cover in the future? Would you like to read a complete weapons + artifacts + tips guide for a particular character? Let us know in the comments below.

What’s your Venti build? Have you built him as a DPS or Support, and what artifacts do you have on him? Share your opinions in the comments.

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