‘Batman: Hush’ Gets A Brand New Epilogue For 20th Anniversary

Batman: Hush 20th Anniversary
Image: DC

Batman: Hush was a narrative arc that spanned from Batman #608 to Batman #619. The plot follows Hush, a mysterious killer. He arrives in Gotham with the intention of destroying the Dark Knight and his organization.

Hush appears to be orchestrating a plan to put Batman through the ringer. The plot not only introduced the Hush character. It also served as a stepping stone in Batman and Catwoman’s relationship, as the two ultimately admitted their liking for one another.

The arc was well received by fans and critics alike, and it has remained an ongoing book for DC. Since its initial publication, the story has been reissued in various deluxe hardback editions, including a DC Absolute Edition.

Batman: Hush The 20th Anniversary Edition to include a brand-new epilogue

Now, as the arc’s 20th anniversary approaches, DC is pulling out all the stops to mark the occasion. In an exclusive with IGN, DC revealed that Batman: Hush The 20th Anniversary Edition would include a brand-new epilogue.

The epilogue will include stories from the original creative team behind the “Hush” tale. The afterword will reunite DC’s Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Jeph Loeb, Alex Sinclair, and Richard Starkings to craft a 5-page story set after the epic conclusion.

In the few pages that have been released thus far, Batman is making his own sweep of the river, where he had his dramatic final confrontation with Hush. Superman had already established that Hush’s body had not been recovered. but Batman discovers a boat with a lead hull that could easily provide cover from Clark’s X-ray vision. However, Batman only discovers a long-dead LexCorp employee.

Batman: Hush The 20th Anniversary Edition is set to release on October 18th, 2022. The additional epilogue will not be the sole bonus in the upcoming Batman: Hush collection. The 20th-anniversary edition will feature sketches, notes, and a previously unreleased interlude chapter from Wizard Magazine.

However, the addition to the beloved Batman story is unquestionably appealing to most DC fans. Readers will be able to approach Batman: Hush and walk away with a completely unique experience for the first time in years.

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