Artificial Intelligence Will Help Indian Railways Predict The Life Of Tracks

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The Economic Times has reported that Indian Railways will put artificial intelligence to use to manage track maintenance blocks. An official from the railways said that the artificial intelligence technology, which is capable of detecting the condition of railway tracks, would soon be deployed to prepare a repair and replacement calendar.

Indian railways accounts its unplanned track maintenance work for its notoriety in the world for its delayed operations. With the use of artificial intelligence, it is expected that at least 90% of trains will run on time since the maintenance work would be planned in advance.

The AI will help in creating a calendar according to which the maintenance work can be scheduled beforehand leading to trains running punctually.

According to the officials, large maintenance blocks will be scheduled for Sundays which would cause minimum disruption in the timetable of trains. The official also said that the Railways is in the process of obtaining the artificial intelligence based machine which would predict the life of tracks and track joints.

The addition of artificial intelligence would also reduce the number of train accidents.

It is not the first time that Indian Railways has sought help from artificial intelligence to improve operations. Earlier, Wobot, an artificial intelligence based software, was also deployed by the Railways to serve hygienic food to travelers.

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