Ardour 6.6 Released With Experimental Support For Apple M1 Systems

Ardour 6.6 Released With Experimental Support For Apple M1 Systems

Ardour is an open source and cross-platform digital audio workstation (DAW) for audio engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors, and composers to record, edit, mix, master audio, and MIDI projects.

Recently, its new version Ardour 6.6 was released with several new features and the first official experimental build for the Apple M1 Systems.

One of the important new features that version 6.6 includes is an option to automatically show an automation-lane when you touch a control. (Edit > Show Automation Lane on Touch)

You can check out the video below displaying the “show automation on touch” feature in action:

To make editing automation simpler and faster, Ardour 6.6 also now automatically puts auto-shown automation parameters into touch mode when graphically adding a new control point.

Moreover, it has brought another new feature that keeps track of xruns (overruns or underruns) per file while recording. By default, it lets you view x-run markers in regions and x-run count in source-list.

Among other key enhancements and bug fixes, this is what Ardour 6.6 brings:

  • ACE Fluidsynth plugin can now process MIDI sysex messages.
  • New Lua script to send tuning defined in a Scala file as MTS messages and arbitrary 12TET tuning (A = XXX Hz) as MTS messages.
  • User-configurable density (pixels-between-lines) for the editor grid.
  • Ability to close and save even if the audio/MIDI engine is stopped.
  • Fixed deadlock during export and race condition when deleting tracks.

Experimental Build of Ardour 6.6 for Apple M1 Systems

With version 6.6, Ardour is now officially available for all Apple’s systems powered by M1 chips.

Though you can download Ardour for Mac, you cannot install or run it as Ardour does not participate in Apple’s paid-for developers program.

However, a simple workaround is available that will let you install and run Ardour normally on M1-powered systems.

To download Ardour 6.6 for Mac, a free or demo version is available here or if you’re an Ardour subscriber, grab the full build from here.

For other operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, visit the official download page.

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