Apple App Store Price Update: All We Know About The 700 New Price Points

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Apple announced the biggest App Store Price update today. The update intends to offer more flexibility for app developers to price their apps and subscriptions better. This announcement comes immediately after Elon Musk pointed out the inherent flaws of App Store policies and how they end up only benefiting the company and no one else.

The new price update introduces 700 price points, which brings the total to 900 different pricing points. Apart from that, Apple will now support round dollar pricing instead of $0.99 cutoffs and the ability to price an app for as low as $0.29.

Apple App Store Price Update: Reasons and Benefits


  • Earlier, App Store developers could only pick from 200 price points for their products.
  • Out of that, there were 87 price points for developed markets, and emerging markets had 94 (via TechCrunch). So, the pricing flexibility wasn’t there, making developers confine their products to just a few price points.
  • App Store developers couldn’t price their apps below $0.99 and subscriptions below $0.49. The upper limit for a product’s price was $999.99.
  • They also couldn’t set the pricing with rounded endings like $1.00.
App Store Price Update
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  • All this will change with the new Apple App Store Price Update. Developers can now pick from 900 price points, which means that they can offer a more varying range of pricing for their products.
  • The minimum pricing now starts at $0.29 and goes all the way up to $10000. Developers can also submit a request to Apple if they want access to a higher upper limit for pricing, along with the reason behind the request.
  • Apple’s new price steps will help developers not be confined to small sets of numbers and precisely adjust pricing for its storefront. So, the developers will benefit quite a lot from this update and reduce the confusion.
  • Along with that, developers can set unique pricing for each of their storefronts or can pick a price in their local currency and let App Store generate corresponding prices for different storefronts.

The update will roll out for all the apps offering auto-renewable subscriptions today. For all the other apps and in-app purchases, the update will roll out in Spring 2023.

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