Apple Watch 5 To Have An ‘Intelligent’ Sleep Tracking Feature: Report

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Apple is set to announce its new iPhones and possibly Apple Watch 5 on September 10. One of the major areas where Apple Watch users feel they are behind other smartwatches is the lack of a sleep tracking feature. In 2017, the Cupertino giant acquired Beddit, a sleep tracking company. Since then it has been speculated that the company will add this feature in the upcoming Apple Watch.

Fast-forward to 2019, a report by 9to5mac says this is finally the year when we’ll see the feature on the Apple Watch 5 to be released next week. A feature called “Time in bed tracking” and internally dubbed “Burrito” will monitor users’ sleep.

With the help of sensors fitted in the Watch, the feature will track sleep quality from a person’s movement while he/she is asleep, his noises and the heart rate. The data will be displayed in the Health app and Apple will also roll out a new Sleep app for the same.

Intelligent Notification For Charging Apple Watch Beforehand

The report says that Apple recognizes the fact that many users prefer charging their Apple Watch at night. Keeping this in mind, Apple has come up with an intelligent notification that will remind users to charge the Watch beforehand so that they can use it for sleep tracking during the night time.

New Complication For Sleep Tracking, Bedtime DND And Alarm

9to5 Mac’s report also mentions that the next-generation Apple Watch will have an option to turn off the alarm automatically if a person wakes up before the alarm goes off. A new bedtime DND will be introduced which will enable DND when a user goes to bed. Additionally, a new complication will also be available for sleep tracking.

Might Be A Software Feature

There are possibilities that the new sleep tracking feature in Apple Watch 2019 won’t require new hardware to function. Apple might roll out the feature in the form of a software update to older Watches as well.

We suggest to you take this news with a healthy serving of salt as these are rumors as we’ll see the concrete details about Apple Watch’s sleep tracking feature on September 10.

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