Apple Planning An Amazon Fire Stick-Like Apple TV Dongle: Report

Apple TV Streaming Service

Previously, we heard that Apple is going to launch a subscription-based video streaming platform that would combine its music streaming service as well.

Now, The Information reports that Apple is also planning a low-priced dongle, similar to the Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, and Roku stick.

Reportedly, the device would be priced lower than Apple TV and could be plugged behind a television, just like current streaming devices.

Presently, the only streaming hardware the company is selling is Apple TV. The device costs around $179 for the Apple TV 4K and $149 for the non-4K version. On the other hand, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick can be bought for $25.

Rumors say that Apple’s streaming service will start rolling out in March 2019, and that the company already has a bunch of original shows in development.

Apart from Apple, other big companies are also planning their respective streaming services for next year, including a major player like Disney.

Streaming services like Amazon and Netflix already enjoy a large market share in streaming services. The only possible way for others to shine would be through lesser prices for their services. Recently, rumors are going that Netflix is planning to slash its prices for the Asian market.

Given the competition, it would be interesting to see how Apple brands its low-cost dongle, along with its streaming service.

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