Google Assistant Now Works On iPhones By Saying ‘Hey Siri, Okay Google’


Siri Shortcuts have been developed by Apple to help users automate day-to-day tasks and strengthen the Apple ecosystem. There are many Siri Shortcuts that can increase your productivity, and Reddit is filled with many shortcuts that intend to make life easier for you. However, there is one shortcut that allows you to step out of the Apple ecosystem and land into Google’s system.

An update in Google Assistant iOS app now allows iPhone users to invoke Google’s digital assistant using Siri. Google rolled out its support for Siri Shortcuts yesterday. Now, users can trigger Google Assistant by recording a custom phrase such as ‘Okay Google” or “Hey Google” and saying it to Siri.

So, you can launch Google Assistant on iPhone by invoking Siri first and then saying the custom phrase you have set for the search giant’s assistant. Your iPhone must be unlocked to allow Siri to open the Google assistant app.

The Siri-Google Assistant combination is rather clumsy and cumbersome as you need to speak to Siri, then wait for the Google Assistant app to be opened. Then, speak to Google assistant and wait for the search results.

However, the fact that Google is using Siri Shortcuts to beat Apple at its own game is quite funny. Also, you will have to update the Google Assistant app on your iPhone to launch Google Assistant through Siri.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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