Apple To Ditch Intel Chips In Mac For Its ARM Chips In 2020: Report

Apple ARM Chips Mac

Several reports have indicated that Apple is planning to ditch Intel in favor of its own ARM chips for macs in 2020. According to a report by Axios, many Intel officials are also expecting Apple’s move towards in-house ARM-based chips by next year.

For smooth transition on the software side, Apple already has plans to merge iPhone, iPad and Mac apps. As we reported yesterday, a project named Marzipan is in order, and Apple is expected to release a new SDK in its WWDC event this year that will allow developers to develop a ‘single binary‘ that will be compatible with both macOS and iOS.

The Cupertino giant has spilled some beans regarding its plans at WWDC 2018, but many are expecting the company to make some concrete announcement towards merging the apps. The Marzipan project will allow a smooth transition on the software front if Apple is to replace Intel’s chips with its in-house ARM-based chips.

On the hardware front, things might not be as easy as it seems. We could see an ARM-based version and an Intel-based version of macOS next year. The complete transition towards its own chips could take some years. Apple will also have to ensure that ARM-based macOS is compatible with the Intel version as many people are still using older Macs.

Axios’ reports seem credible as it is in line with Bloomberg’s previous report and Ming Chi-Kuo’s analysis.

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