Apple May Add Camera & Bone Conduction Features To AirPods Max In Future

AirPods Max Bone conduction and camera patent
Akhil Yerabati - Unsplash/Abubakar Mohammed

There’s no denying the fact that the smartphone industry wouldn’t have evolved to what it is today without Apple reinventing the personal device wheel with the iPhone. The tech giant also sells accessories, and out of all, earphones/headphones sales bring them big bucks. The AirPods Max was praised across the globe, and according to a recent patent, it looks like Apple is trying to reinvent the headphone wheel.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that might allow the Cupertino giant to add bone conduction transducers and a camera on AirPods Max to take pictures and videos.

According to Patently Apple, headphones may include several channels to route audio content. Among them could be a private channel where the audio is routed to a bone conduction transducer. For those who’re unaware, a transducer can convert electrical signals to sound with the help of mechanical vibrations. An example would be our Haylou PurFree Bone Conduction headphones review. Needless to say, the technology is not new and has existed for years now.

AirPods Max Patent

That said, one of the shortcomings of open-back headphones is sound leakage. While open-back headphones are considered better than closed-back for their wider sound, blasting music at higher volumes would mean that others in the vicinity would be able to hear it too. The same is the case during calls.

A bone-conducting sound transducer would help you have private conversations without worrying about the sound leaking out. The camera will be positioned in front of the headset, or there may be more than one camera altogether. We don’t have much information on the same.

What are your thoughts about Apple adding a camera and bone-conducting transducers to the next iteration of AirPods Max? Let us know in the comment section below.

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