Apple Might Ditch 3D Touch From All 2019 iPhones


Apple could kill the 3D Touch functionality in all iPhone models that are scheduled for launch this year. According to a CultOfMac report, the company is looking for ways to reduce costs of devices and 3D Touch might be one of them.

In comparison to standard touchscreens, which can only detect the touch only if a finger is pressing on the screen, the 3D Touch display can detect how hard it is being pressed.

Even though it has limited pressure sensitivity, it allows users to perform certain tasks faster by pressing harder of the screen. For instance, it is used in iOS to open pop-up menus and for launching apps from the lock screen.

The pressure-sensitive display was introduced back when the iPhone 6s lineup first appeared. It has been a part of other iPhone models which followed, however, it never made it to any iPad model.

The 3D touch doesn’t appear to have gained more popularity either, so now the Cupertino will most likely come up with a software-based alternative to this functionality.

Apple has already implemented a similar approach on the iPhone XR and the rest of Android device makers are already following this. So it quite possible that the 2019 iPhone series could take the same route.

Another noteworthy point that the cited source highlighted is that 3D Touch will not be removed from the Apple Watch series. For now, it looks like only the upcoming iPhone models would forego this feature.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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