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Short Bytes: Just in case you’re running Chrome 57 or above, you can perform a little hack to activate the hidden YouTube dark mode. To do so, you need to paste a single line code in developer menu console. It looks like an experimental feature that might get implemented in future updates.

In its recent Creators Update, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 Blue Light Filter that aimed to make working during the night an easy task. Another feature found in many smartphone apps that makes it easier to work at night is night mode–our Fossbytes Android app, too, has night mode. On the similar lines, in this article, I’ll tell you how to activate the secret dark mode hidden in YouTube.

This secret Dark Mode in YouTube was uncovered by a Redditor paul-, who found the menu and shared with the others. If you like staying up late till the morning watching YouTube videos, this YouTube trick can be pretty helpful to you.

Before going ahead and knowing about how to activate YouTube Dark Mode, check out this list of some cool YouTube tricks:

Enabling the YouTube Dark Mode is very simple. Follow the steps told below and activate it.

Note: Make sure that you’re running the latest Google Chrome, i.e, version 57 or higher

Activating YouTube Dark Mode

  • Open your Google Chrome browser on PC or Mac. Check for version 57; update if required.
  • Open Chrome developer menu. To do so, press Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows and Optin+Command+I on Mac. You can also access the developer menu via Chrome menu.dark mode youtube
  • Now click on the Console section paste the following code and hit Enter:
    dark mode youtube
  • After pasting the code, close the Console and reload YouTube website.
  • Now, to access YouTube Dark Mode, you need to click on your dark mode 1
  • In the drop-down menu, you should be able to see the Dark Mode setting.dark mode youtube
  • Click on Dark Mode to find the on and off toggle. Use the toggle and activate or deactivate the YouTube Dark Mode.dark mode youtube

Here’s how YouTube looks in dark mode:

dark mode youtube

If you wish to get it working in other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, you can visit this Reddit thread to know the steps.

At the moment, it remains to be seen if YouTube would launch this feature officially in a future update. Meanwhile, use this hack and save your eyes.