Apex Legends Season 9 Character Might Be Japanese: Everything You Need To Know

Apex Legends’ Game Director Hints For New Legend In Season 9; Could Be Japanese
Image: Shutterstock/Cassiano Correia

Apex legends is a year old now and filled with incredible characters. With each season of Apex legends, the devs have introduced a new “Legend.” Similarly, in February 2021, Season 8 of Apex legends introduced Fuse, an offensive legend specializing in explosives.

Furthermore, the community expects a new legend in Apex Legends Season 9, scheduled to be released in May 2021. Well, Chad Grenier, Apex legends’ Game Director, hinted about the arrival of a new legend. To know more about the new legend’s tease, follow the article further.

Apex Legends’ New Character

In an interview with the Japanese Video game magazine Famitsu, Chad Grenier revealed information about the upcoming legend. Although Grenier didn’t reveal key details, he mentioned that the new legend would be largely popular in Japan.

The interview was initially published in Japanese and was translated to English by Dexerto. Grenier said, “I like Japan, and it’s a country that plays Apex a lot. I would like to be able to deliver unique content to Japan. I mentioned Season 9 a little bit, but I hope the new legend in Season 9 will be liked in Japan. Thank you for your support. You can finally play Switch.”

Note: The above comment is a translation, which was originally published in Japanese.

Uniquely, some names relating to the new legend have also surfaced, like Blisk, Ash, and Valk. Grenier’s comments on the new legend shed some light on its background. However, officially, it’s not confirmed if the new legend will hail from Japan. There’s another possibility that the upcoming Apex Legends character will only draw some inspiration from the Japanese culture.

Moreover, it’s only been a few days since Apex Legends got released for Nintendo Switch. The gaming console dominates the Japanese video game market. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio is working on a Japanese character for Apex Legends.

Other than this, the details around Apex legends Season 9 are still unclear. As to what major changes the new season will bring to the game, among other things.

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