What If Mark Zuckerberg Polls Against Trump In 2020 Presidency Battle? — This Poll Reveals

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Short Bytes: What if Mark Zuckerberg makes a run for the Presidential power against President Donald Trump in 2020? A North Carolina based polling group has conducted a hypothetical survey to check the voting patterns. People were asked about their opinions of Zuckerberg as a President and the same for Trump. The Public Policy Polling has also revealed the results of survey.

There was a rumor in the air that Mark Zuckerberg might be one of the candidates for Presidential election in 2020. Though he has cleared all the air, what if he takes part in the run and stands against Donald Trump?

Public Policy Polling, Raleigh, an NC-based polling group recorded 836 registered voters between 14th and 17th of July. According to their results, for the present condition, it would be a tie. According to a poll, there would be an equal percentage of voters, i.e., 40% of voters for both the candidates. The left 20% were not sure who would they vote if this match ever happens.

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The survey is speculative. Thus, no real estimation can be made.

The rumor arose because Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on a 50-state tour in America this year. Zuckerberg, in a Facebook post, cleared the doubt saying that the tour was his personal challenge. He said he wanted to learn about people and communities and to widen his perspectives. Sometimes back, he also said that he has no plans to join the politics.

For this arranged hypothetical survey, people were asked about their opinions regarding Zuckerberg as America’s Leader. To which, 24% had favorable opinions, 29% had an unfavorable opinion, and about 47% had no say in this.

While for President Trump, 41% had a favorable opinion, 55% had an unfavorable opinion and just 5% of the respondents weren’t sure about their opinions.

We don’t really know how would it turn out to be if Zuckerberg stands against Trump in real action. But it is sure that people still need to know things about this 33-years old Founder and CEO.

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