Android 15 Could Add Up To 3 Hours of Extra Battery Life

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Image:Android Authority

It’s no secret that Google is working on significant updates for Android 15, and a new report has shed light on them. One highlight is Google’s effort to improve battery life by up to three hours. Android 15 enables devices to enter standby mode faster, reducing the time by about 50% and extending battery life. All devices receiving this update will benefit from this improvement.

Android Authority

In this report, Mishaal Rahman asked Dave Burke, Vice President of Engineering for the Android Platform, and Sameet Samat, President of the Android Ecosystem, about the efforts to enhance battery life with Android 15. They emphasized the importance of “Doze mode” in achieving this goal. This feature controls which apps can run in the background and for how long.

Android 15 speeds up Doze mode by 50 percent, allowing the device to enter this mode much faster. This extended idle state enables Android to efficiently regulate background processes, providing an additional three hours of standby battery life for devices.

Some More Notable Changes in Android 15

  • The platform update improves satellite connectivity support, maintains a consistent user experience, and allows apps to detect satellite connections to better understand when full network services are unavailable.
  • Developers now have more control over increasing the brightness of the camera preview. Additionally, there are better adjustments available for flash strength, allowing for more precise control when taking photos.
  • Basic 2FA (two-factor authentication) methods like text or email are at risk of being accessed by malicious apps. The new feature protects OTPs from such threats, enhancing account security for users.
  • There’s a new toggle called “Bluetooth auto-on.” When activated, it temporarily stops Bluetooth and turns it on again the next day, rather than disabling it until manually toggled.

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