Unity Laid Off A Chunk Of Its Workforce: Employees Allege Mismanagement

Unity Laid Off A Chunk Of Its Workforce: Employees Allege Mismanagement
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The popular game development company Unity has laid off many of its employees. According to reports, Unity fired hundreds of individuals working for them. The company has even Frozen hiring across all its departments.

All of Unity’s offices are constantly facing layoffs. According to sources, the corporation has suffered damage across the board, with the engineering and AI divisions bearing the brunt of it.

Employees at Unity on an anonymous message board claimed that approximately 300 to 400 people had been laid off, and it’s still going on.

Why did Unity lay off its employees?

Unity Laid Off A Chunk Of Its Workforce: Employees Allege Mismanagement
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Unity was founded in the mid-2000s and is used by thousands of developers. You’ve probably seen the Unity logo appear on the loading screens of some of your favorite—or least favorite—games.

Firstly, According to a report by Kotaku, employees who lost their positions this week were abruptly asked to join a video call by their superiors without being informed of its intent. However, for some of these calls, a representative from Unity’s human resources division also joined the meeting. It took the employees no time to figure out what the call was about.

Unity is still paying employees who have been laid off for a month and will provide them with COBRA health insurance and another month of severance pay after that. Affected employees are also qualified to apply for other open positions with the company. However, it does not make sense as aforementioned the company has frozen all hiring.

A person with knowledge on the matter, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation; the management at Unity has recently been a “shit show,” he said. Attrition, Mismanagement, and Strategic changes in direction quickly and unpredictably.

According to the company’s IPO filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, 3,300 individuals worked there as of June 2020, despite estimates on its LinkedIn and Glassdoor sites that the number was closer to 5,000.

Did the company give reassurance before?

Lastly, the report said people were reassured in the all-hands meeting held two weeks ago, with over 3,000 employees. Riccitiello promised members that the company was not in financial crisis and that Unity would not lay off any employees.

The report said multiple questions on the comment by Unity representatives went unanswered. Netflix also laid off some of its employees as its subscriber count tanked. What are your thoughts on Unity’s employee layoffs? Comment your thoughts down below.

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