12 Weird Cultural Customs From Around the World



This is a list of some weird cultural customs from all around the world. Take a look!

1) In India it is usual for guests to take off their shoes when entering their host’s house, while in Thailand it is the opposite.

No Thai guest would ever uncover the soles of their feet because this is the “lowest” part of the body.

2) Japanese and Chinese business people like to give visiting cards to each other.

Japanese and Chinese are avid exchangers of visiting cards. These are not absent-mindedly stuffed into a pocket. They must be taken with both hands and regarded reverently for a while. And when they are finally stashed away, it has to be the jacket pocket. Putting them in a trouser pocket would be an insult!

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3) In Austria, men should avoid paying women the compliment : “You are really looking great”


In turkey it is perfectly normal and in no way offensive to mention the fact that a lady has become a little heavier since you last saw her. But in Austria caution is advisable. The apparently appreciative plaudit “Gut schaust du aus” (“You’re looking great”) will be understood as “You’ve put on weight”

4) Mexicans never give a lady red roses !


In Mexico red roses are only used to put on graves. White roses by contrast, are in no way problematic. In China all flowers end up in the cemetery, so a box of chocolates is a much safer bet. Incidentally, giving someone a knife is a sign of hostility and separation in Russia.

5) Why should guests in the Arab world avoid praising the furnishing of their host’s house?

In the Arab world the rules of hospitality actually insist that if a guest praises the fixtures and furnishings, the host must make a present of them. If, on the other hand, the master of the house offers a guest expensive jewelery this is purely symbolic and must be refused at all costs!
It’s like :
Arab host : “Here take this jewelery, it’s a gift for you”
Now you know the fact, you’ll refuse it
You : Thanks, but no I can’t
After waiting 3 seconds
You : Oh what a wonderful piece of jewelery you’ve got there!
Arab: Damn you son of a gun!

6) In Japan, no one is bothered if the person they are talking to falls asleep!

In Japan, if someone closes their eyes while other person is speaking, this is not a sign if boredom or fatigue but if interest and concentration! If the boss falls asleep during a meeting, it is not considered bad leadership. In fact it indicates that he has complete confidence in this staff! :D

7) In China public spitting and belching(burping), but there are other things that openly disgust the Chinese.

Slurping and Smacking the gums are expressions of well-being and appreciation for the cooking. On no account, however, should one blow one’s nose at table. To do that, you must retire to the washroom. If you can’t, then there is no other option but to snuffle noisily to push all your content up to the nose again. That’s perfectly fine.

9) In most countries, the thumbs-up sign is a gesture of approval. But in Australia, it’s a different story.


Down under, many foreign hitchhikers are surprised that no one ever seems willing to give them a ride. In Australia the classical thumbs-up gesture for getting a lift means “Get Lost !” The sign itself originated in Italy. Thumbs-up and thumbs-down were the gestures used by Roman emperors to decide on the fate of gladiators in the arena.

10) In France it is absolutely not a done thing to pay separately in a restaurant.


In France restaurant bills are never split up. Either one person pays or the sum in question is divided up among the number of people present.

11) In China people go out on the streets in pyjamas with no worries.


One place where you’ll see almost all people go out for shopping in their pyjamas. Chinese people even have special sleeping suits for going out in.

12) In Russia whistling a tune is frowned upon.


According to Russian superstition, whistling a song makes you poor. Whistling is reminiscent of the wind that will blow all your money away.


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