Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Has 10GB RAM Along With 5G Connectivity

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

Until now, there were rumors floating in the air about Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and whether it would bring 10 GB RAM, 5G connectivity or both. However, Xiaomi Global spokesperson, Donovan Sung cleared all our doubts by sharing a Mi Mix 3 teaser on his Twitter handle.

Back in August, President Lin Pin shared the image of the upcoming flagship device on Weibo, a Chinese news website. The image confirmed two things –

  1. Bezel-less Screen
    As you can see yourself, the device literally has no bezels and carries a true edge-to-edge display.
  2. Sliding Camera
    Another interesting fact about the Mi Mix 3 is the Camera which might become the new trendsetter after the ugly notch. Unlike what we saw on Oppo Find X, the device is essentially made up of two parts – out of which the back panel slightly lifts off to reveal the camera

Now, we have confirmation the internals about the Xiaomi device as well — it houses a 10GB RAM and 5G network support.

While everything seems to be perfect with this device, I still think the company might face a small set back. 5G is the next-generation technology, and 2019 will be all about devices coming with 5G.

However, even if we see two or three announcements, the implementation will still take a fair amount of time to spread out in different countries. So 5G might not be an attractive catch for buyers from countries that are years behind from receiving the 5G support.

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