A Writer Just Live Streamed His Entire Novel Writing On a Website


pckwck-writing-book-live-JPGShort Bytes: Novelist Joshua Cohen experimented his next writing PCKWCK as a live stream writing project. Few days ago, he allowed you to live stream the writing of his new novel “PCKWCK”, an adaptation of “The Pickwick Papers” by Charles Dickens.

What if you get a chance to watch live the efforts made by novelists like R. R. Martin and J. K. Rowling. Their mistakes, typos, rewrites all in real time. No, I’m not saying that I’ll arrange a meeting for you when they’ll be busy finishing their next writing, but yes, you can view some other novelists completing their work in real time.

Few days ago, an experiment by novelist Joshua Cohen, allowed you to live stream the writing of his new novel “PCKWCK”, an adaptation of “The Pickwick Papers” by Charles Dickens. The experiment ended on Friday, this week, and he got a lot of hearts on his article.

The interface of the website looked like a Google Docs web page, and the most compelling part was, users could comment and criticize him if they didn’t like his writing or had a suggestion for him, all anonymously in the chat section (see our comment in the screenshot :P).

Seriously, expressing your thoughts in front of so many people is a daring task, at least for me as a writer, and Cohen has done a commendable job. It is difficult to share your personal space with other people, like one has opened up his mind and his thoughts are on an exhibition for so many visitors. It is fascinating, or weird – or I don’t have words to describe my feelings if I was to perform an experiment like this.

It is an astonishing experience to write and receive the reader’s feedback right there. It’s like you are about to jump out of a plane, and you do not know whether your parachute will work or not, the thrill and fear before the jump only makes it mesmerizing. It will be nice to see if other writers join Cohen’s experiment.

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