Wood Kubb Is A Computer Made of Wood That Runs On Linux And Windows

Wood Kubb pc
Wood Kubb pc

wood-kubb-Short Bytes: Wood Kubb is a computer made of wood and it fits perfectly in your newly designed dream home. It just fits in your home and powers your work and entertainment. Read more to know everything.

If you are bored by the designs of present day PCs, I won’t be surprised. To turn the things around, Wood Kubb is here to give your eyes a visual treat.

Yes, I’m talking about a computer made of wood and it fits perfectly in your newly designed dream home. It just looks like a furniture item, sitting on your table and powering your work and entertainment.

Wood Kubbs websites says,” The computer is an everyday object and we are used to see a huge annoying PC tower under the desk. It is often ugly, noisy, unaesthetic and means a loss of space.”


The maker of Wood Kubb created this piece of beauty by embedding an Intel Core i3/i5 processor, coupled with RAM of 8 to 16GB (Kingston DDR3 at 1600 MHz). It covers a very small area as it just measures 4.7-inches all around.

Due to the size and cooling constraints, you won’t be getting a dedicated graphics memory and you’ll have to settle with Intel HD 4400/Intel 5000 graphics.

Users are given a 128 GB of SSD storage (1TB SSHD option), and a choice between Windows 10 and Linux Mint. The Windows 10 version costs more, of course.


The Kickstarter page of Wood Kubb reads, “We want to change your daily life and boost your mood. The goal was to find a solution for each of these issues. From design to creation, everything is made in France. The quality is our priority and we warranty your Wood Kubb for 3 years.”

Currently, Wood Kubb is offering a 3-year backer program and your computer will be fixed or replaced in the next 3 years, no matter where you are.

Read more and back Wood Kubb on KickStarter.

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