Bloom Your Raspberry Pi & Alexa Automation Skills For $29

raspberry pi alexa bundle
Image: Pixabay.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can perform many tasks, including automation. You can host any project (that the Pi’s hardware can handle) on it to have a reliable experience. However, using the Raspberry Pi is not entirely similar to using other computers.

Some users might find it difficult to set up and use the Raspberry Pi for the first time. Thankfully, we have a unique bundle of Raspberry Pi courses for our readers to learn and use various Pi and learn Alexa automation skills.

The Complete Raspberry Pi & Alexa A-Z Bundle offers four different courses, including practical projects. These courses will help you learn to use Raspberry Pi and Alexa Skills for home automation. Essentially, you will be able to create your own home automation skills with the help of this bundle.

You can get the Raspberry Pi and Alexa bundle for just $29 (down from $498) from the above link. With a 94% discount, it is a great deal to consider if you try your hand at using the Raspberry Pi and curate your home automation skills.

Moreover, you can host almost all small projects on the Raspberry Pi, and it’s only a tiny device. Hence, we recommend going for the deal to get the best experience. Apart from the RPi courses, you also get a dedicated course to curate custom Alexa skills that you can use with your automation project. That said, Alexa is among the best assistants because of its variety of features.

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