Valorant Mobile Leaks: Release Date, Gameplay, & Everything We Know

Valorant Mobile Leaks Release Date, Gameplay, & Everything We Know

Riot Games’ Valorant launched last year and instantly became one of the best competitive games. Millions of players around the world love playing this hybrid of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive. Right now, only PC players are fortunate enough to enjoy Valorant. However, several rumors state that Riot is already working on Valorant Mobile.

The mobile gaming community is growing substantially, and now, the players are looking forward to the release of VALORANT Mobile. That’s why, in this post, we’ve mentioned everything we know about Valorant Mobile.

VALORANT Mobile Leaks

After the successful run of games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, it’s no surprise that Riot Games also wants to capture the growing market through VALORANT Mobile. Officially, there isn’t much we know about the mobile game for VALORANT. Still, there are several leaks on the internet that might give you some idea.

VALORANT Mobile Release Date

There have been rumors and leaks suggesting that VALORANT mobile is in development. However, Riot Games didn’t validate any of the leaks, so there is no confirmed VALORANT Mobile release date.

As of now, Riot only confirmed that the developers are “working” on a console version of VALORANT. So, it might be possible that we get the console version of the game before VALORANT for Mobile.

VALORANT Mobile String Codes & UI

Last year, a VALORANT player reported that his hybrid device revealed the VALORANT Mobile UI. Of course, it was a bug that leaked such important information. So, the player informed the same to Riot. In response, the developers said that the glitch occurred because the player’s laptop had a touchscreen. So, it’s quite clear that Riot was testing a VALORANT UI for the touch devices at the time.

Months after the VALORANT Mobile UI was leaked, data miners found the string codes for the mobile version of VALORANT. The string codes got leaked right after Patch 1.12, and it was enough to confirm that VALORANT Mobile is already in development.

The leaked “Tutorial Strings” were instructions for the VALORANT Mobile’s practice range. For instance, there was a string for the “jump button” to “jump over the debris.”

Right now, these are all the VALORANT Mobile leaks we could gather for this post. We’ll update this pot if we find something interesting about the game’s development.

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