VALORANT’s Astra Abilities Explained: Everything About The New Valorant Agent

VALORANT's Astra Abilities Explained Everything About The New Valorant Agent

We are only a few hours away from the Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 update. Riot Games will release the update on March 2, introducing a brand new agent in Valorant, Astra. Similar to Omen, Viper, and Brimstone, Astra is a controller in Valorant. Riot Games officially revealed Astra’s abilities on Sunday, and it’s clear that she is the best Valorant controller until now.

In this post, we’ve mentioned everything you need to know about Astra, so it’s easier for you to play with the new Valorant agent as soon as the update goes live.

VALORANT’s New Agent ‘Astra’ Abilities

VALORANT‘s upcoming agent ‘Astra’ has to place Stars, which are throwable projectiles, across the map to activate her different abilities. In the Buy Phase, players can buy a maximum of five Stars, each costing 200 economy points. To place the ‘Stars’ on the map, the Ghanaian controller must go into her Astral form using the ‘X’ key. Once she does that, she can use the Stars to create different effects:

1. Gravity Well (C)

This ability allows Astra to pull enemy players within the star’s radius. After that, the star explodes, making players who are caught in it vulnerable for some time.

2. Nova Pulse (Q)

The Nova Pulse ability charges Stars towards enemies and then detonates, concussing players around it.

3. Nebula (E)

This ability, when activated, converts a Star into a Nebula (Smokeball).

4. Cosmic Divide (X)

The Cosmic Divide is Astra’s Ultimate that allows her to place a massive barrier on the map. The Cosmic wall divides the entire map into two parts, dampening the audio for enemies. The barrier blocks enemies’ bullets, so the other team has no choice but to walk through the barrier to attack.

5. Dissipate (F)

Fortunately, players can retake the Stars placed on the map using ‘F.’ After a short cool-down, players can place the retracted Stars on other locations. This ability, when activated, forms a fake Nebula before returning the Star to players.

This is everything you need to know about Valorant’s new agent, Astra. Surely, using the new controller is going to be difficult for the first few days. However, getting familiar with Astra’s abilities could give you a headstart over other players.

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