US Government Asks Allies To Stop Using Huawei’s Products


The US government is trying to convince wireless and internet service providers in allied countries to stop using the Chinese giant Huawei’s telecommunications equipment.

According to the Wall Street Journal‘s sources, US officials have communicated with their government counterparts and telecom executives in allied countries where Huawei’s equipment are already being used on a wide scale.

Huawei is already under the radar of United States’ intelligence agencies. They believe that Chinese companies might be operating under the Chinese government or the ruling Communist Party, which increases the risk of espionage.

To discourage friendly countries from using Huawei’s equipment, Washington is even considering an increase in financial aid for telecommunications development in countries that will stop using Chinese made products.

One of biggest concerns of the US government is the use of Chinese telecom equipment in several countries that have U.S. military bases such as Italy, Japan, and Germany. Some top US officials also fear the rising of such tech giants that benefit authoritarian governments.

The current outlook of US can be traced back to the rising tensions between America and China. However, officials who are familiar with the matter told WSJ that the security risks arising from Chinese telecom-network equipment have existed even before Trump administration took over.

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