Uber Hacked! What Can You Do In This Case?

Employees thought it was a joke.

Uber Hacked! What Can You Do In This Case?
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Uber says it is looking into a “cybersecurity incident” after reports that the company’s internal systems have been compromised. And after discovering that its computer network had been hacked, Uber shut down several of its internal communications and engineering systems while investigating the extent of the breach.

The hacker, according to reports, is an 18-year-old who claims to have administrator access to company tools such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Threatened by this, Uber has taken many of its internal systems, including Slack, offline.

An 18-year-old hacked Uber!

Uber Hacked! What Can You Do In This Case?
Image: Unsplash

According to Sam Curry, a security engineer at Yuga Labs, the hacker has pretty much everything, which is a “total compromise” to the company. However, according to The Verge, when asked about the hack, the company refused to answer any questions.

The company only pointed out their statement on Twitter this morning.

The hacker made his presence known in the most cliched way possible. On Thursday afternoon, just before the Slack system went down, Uber employees received a message that read, “I announce I am a hacker, and Uber has suffered a data breach.”

The message went on by listing several internal databases that the hacker claimed were under threat. Furthermore, the hacker posted a notorious hashtag saying that Uber underpays its drivers. The 18-year-old Uber hacker said that he had spent several years honing his cybersecurity skills.

And according to him, he was able to break into Uber’s systems due to the company’s lax security. As per The Verge, the alleged hacker’s Slack message was so brazen that many Uber employees initially mistook it for a joke.

Employee responses to the post included sirens and popcorn emoji, as well as the “it’s happening” GIF. The Uber employees continued to interact with the hacker, believing it was a joke.

What should Uber app users do?

As you know, Uber is under a significant threat and indirectly impacts you. Since Uber has a lot of your data, it requires utmost protection. Although there’s not much you can do regarding Uber’s server, you can try changing your password or updating it to two-factor authentication.

However. We’d advise you to look out for any instructions from Uber after the company goes to the extent of the breach. What are your thoughts on Uber getting hacked? Comment down below.

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