TypeScript 2.0 Released — Microsoft’s Free And Open Source Superset Of JavaScript


typescript-2-0Short Bytes: Microsoft calls TypeScript the “JavaScript that scales”. This open-source superset of JavaScript was launched in 2012. Now, Microsoft has released TypeScript 2.0 with a focus on increasing the support for JS libraries, tools, and major editors. This release also solves the issue of ‘notorious’ null values.

TypeScript is a typed superset of widely popular programming language JavaScript. It compiles into plain JavaScript that runs on any browser, or in any modern JavaScript engine. It’s an open source language that starts from the same syntax and semantics that web developers already know.

When used in large programs, JavaScript poses certain problems. Unlike statically compiled languages like Java, C++, or C#, JavaScript doesn’t allow error checking until a program is compiled. When Microsoft rolled out TypeScript 1.0 in 2012, it touted it as “JavaScript that scales”. It came with multiple editor tools and compile-time error checking.

Now, Microsoft is here with the release of TypeScript 2.0. It can be downloaded for visual Studio 2015 Update 3, used with Visual Studio Code, installed via NPM, or accessed by NuGet.

npm install -g typescript@beta

Since its initial release, Redmond has delivered many improvements in form of point releases. This development continues with TypeScript 2.0. It ensures better JS tools and libraries support and brings it close to EMCAScript spec alignment.

One of the biggest features coming to TypeScript is the control over null values. These are used to denote a variable that holds no value. With a new option enabled in TypeScript 2.0, variables by default will have a value and can’t be set to null.

Notably, TypeScript ranks fourth in programming language section of GitHub Showcases. It’s making great progress by impressing JavaScript developers. If you are willing to know more about the recent release, visit Microsoft’s blog.

Find the latest download links here on TypeScript website.

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