Truth of Ashley Madison: 20 Million Guys Were Trying to Hook Up With 1,500 Women

ashley madison
ashley madison

ashley-madisonShort Bytes: After the Ashley Madison hack, each day we are greeted with a brand-new revelation. But, here’s the most interesting truth of Ashley Madison. According to an analysis done by Gizmodo, it turns out that Ashley Madison wasn’t a place where men were busy cheating on their wives. There, about 20.2 million of men, had checked the messages in their accounts at least once. But, only 1,492 women had ever checked their messages.

According to the research, the ‘genius’ engineers at Ashley Madison kept the profiles of inactive and fake women at the front to attract more desperate men. The army of bot-women responded to the millions of dudes, only to reveal that there were negligible active women on the website. It turns out that it isn’t a fairyland where 31 million people are trying to attract 5.5 million women.

Annalee Newtiz writes for Gizmodo: “The more I examined those 5.5 million female profiles, the more obvious it became that none of them had ever talked to men on the site, or even used the site at all after creating a profile.”

According to the database, about 5.5 million profiles are marked female in a database of roughly 37 million people.

Truth of Ashley Madison

We’ve known the fact that out of these, a good percentage of profiles are fake. Notably, a couple of years ago, a former Ashley Madison employee sued the company as she had to create 1,000 fake profile of women in three months.

Gizmodo writes in the research results:

Then, three data fields changed everything. The first field, called mail_last_time, contained a timestamp indicating the last time a member checked the messages in their Ashley Madison inbox. If a person never checked their inbox, the field was blank. But even if they’d checked their messages only once, the field contained a date and time.

About two-thirds of the men, or 20.2 million of them, had checked the messages in their accounts at least once. But only 1,492 women had ever checked their messages. It was a serious anomaly. 

Truth of Ashley Madison

Also, using the Ashley Madison chat system, 11 million men had engaged in chat, but just 2400 took part in the same.

Truth of Ashley Madison

To read the complete in-depth analysis, read the complete truth of Ashley Madison here.

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