10 Most Popular Programming Books On StackOverflow

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Short Bytes: DevBooks has analyzed the StackOverflow’s question and answers data, and listed the most popular programming books being recommended on the platform. The website has also created a tag-based search for user convenience. According to the results, the top 3 most popular programming books on StackOverflow are Working Efficiently with Legacy Code, Design Patterns, and Clean Code.

StackOverflow was created by 2008. Over the years, the website has grown to become one of the most popular resources for the programmers who are willing to solve a common problem. Very often many programming-related books get recommended during the discussions.

The nice folks at DevBooks have collected together the most recommended books on the website. Just in case you’re wondering how this mammoth task was performed, DevBooks first got the database dump of all user-contributed content on the website. After extracting StackOverflow questions and answers, all the Amazon.com links were counted.

The website has also sorted the books on the basis of sub-topics for your convenience. Well, without further delay, let’s tell you about the best programming books on StackOverflow:

10 Most Popular Programming Books On StackOverflow

1. Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Written by Michael C. Feathers, this books on Agile software to help you get more out of your legacy systems. In this book, Michael describes various start-to-finish strategies for working with heaps on the untested legacy code.

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2. Design Patterns

Written by Ralph Johnson, Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, and Richard Helm, this book tells the precious tale of the design of object-oriented software. The authors describe many design patterns and tell you how to design object-oriented software.

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3. Clean Code

Clean Code by Robert C. Martin is at number 3 in the list of the most popular programming books on StackOverflow. It describes a practical method for writing better code and building sturdy applications.

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4. Java Concurrency in Practice

This excellent book by Brian Goetz and Tim Peierls describes how to build concurrent applications using Java programming language.  Given the popularity of Java, it’s a very popular programming book on StackOverflow.

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5. Domain-Driven Design

Written by Eric Evans, Domain-Driven Design entails the methods to incorporate domain modeling into software development.

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6. JavaScript: The Good Parts

JavaScript has more than its share of the bad parts as it was released in a hurry before refinement. JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford is an authoritative book on the subject that helps you discover the beauty of this highly expressive language.

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7. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Written by Martin Fowler, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture is a handbook for enterprise system developers. It helps them guide through different intricacies and provides many proven solutions to solve everyday problems.

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8. Code Complete

Code Complete by Steve McConnel tells the art and science of creating software. This classic book is considered one of the best practical guides to coding.

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9. Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

This hidden treasure on refactoring is written by Martin Fowler and Kent Beck. The programmers can read this book to improve the design, performance, and manageability of object-oriented code.

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10. Head First Design Patterns

Written by Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman, Kathy Sierra, and Bert Bates, Head First Design Patterns helps in software development in Java programming language by providing design patterns.

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For other most popular books on StackOverflow, you can visit DevBooks.com

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