Top 5 Dark Mode Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Browsing Experience

dark mode chrome extensions
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Almost everyone surfs the internet and visits several websites every day on their computers. However, most websites only have a single light theme with a flashing white background that can make you flinch. What if there were extensions for the Chrome browser to enforce dark mode on all the websites you visit?

Dark mode themes are available on all newer smartphones now, and many users use them. Since most users’ eyes familiarize themselves with the dark theme, it’s only natural that they’ll have a hard time visiting a website on light mode. To solve this problem, there are Chrome extensions to put a dark mode on all websites.

Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Dark mode extensions give every website you visit a custom dark theme. However, the contents of a website might display incorrectly on some websites due to the theme.

All Google Chrome extensions will work on other Chromium-based browsers too. Hence, you can use them on browsers like Brave and Microsoft Edge. Here’s a list of our picks of the best dark mode Chrome extensions.

1. Dark Reader

dark reader chrome extension
Image: Dark Reader.

Dark Reader is undoubtedly among the best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome. With its vast set of features, you can apply dark mode to all the websites you visit. You can also customize the dark mode settings by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and other color settings.

The extension also offers several other useful features like keyboard shortcuts to toggle the extension on or off and to toggle the dark mode on for each website. Some complex websites might not be visible with the dark mode on, so you can set up a whitelist to disable dark mode on certain websites.

2. Midnight Lizard

The Midnight Lizard extension is more than just a dark mode tool. It offers various color schemes applicable across all websites on your browser. Hence, the tool can be extremely useful if you’re new to using the dark mode theme everywhere.

Furthermore, you can customize different color schemes for all websites to help you navigate better. It also has unique features like different colors for text, links, codes, etc., to enhance your browsing experience. We suggest using this extension if you like customizing color schemes.

3. Lunar Reader

lunar reader chrome extension
Image: Lunar Reader.

Further, the Lunar Reader extension offers features similar to those of Dark Reader. The extension applies dark mode to all the websites you open on your browser. It also houses features like adjusting brightness, contrast, and other color settings like Dark Reader.

While the extension successfully applies a dark theme across all websites, you might see an unusual color implementation sometimes. To avoid this, you can use the extension’s whitelist feature to disable it on a certain list of websites.

4. Night Eye

Night Eye is a brilliant tool that uses its algorithm, unlike Dark Reader, to apply dark mode instead of just inverting the colors. Moreover, the extension offers plenty of features and options to customize the dark mode across all websites.

Night Eye lets you control the in-built dark mode of certain websites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, etc. Consequently, you get a consistent dark mode experience on all websites.

5. Dark Night Mode

dark night mode chrome extension
Image: Dark Night Mode.

Dark Night Mode is yet another free and open-source extension that only does what it promises. While the extension puts dark mode across all websites on your browser, it doesn’t offer any fancy features.

You can adjust the brightness of the dark theme on all websites and set up a whitelist to toggle the dark theme on them. If you don’t need extensive features, this is a suitable dark mode extension.

Conclusion: Best Dark Mode Chrome Extensions

While a dark theme can be good for your eyes, you should be able to customize it. Hence, we recommend using Dark Reader, Night Eye, and Midnight Lizard for the best customization experience across all websites. If you want something simpler, you can go with Lunar Reader too.

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