Toby: A Chrome Extension That Prevents Tab Overloads

Toby Browser Tabs for Chrome

Short Bytes: Toby is a Google Chrome Extension that lets you manage your tabs super well. You can save them in different sessions so that you can come back to them later. It allows you separate the saved tabs according to work and personal needs. Gifted with a visually appealing and friendly user interface, Toby saves our time from ruthless detour of reading nonsense.

Arthur Camara and his team are the creators of Toby, a Google Chrome Extension once featured on Product Hunt and Lifehacker. Toby does something every productive person accessing a web browser needs: Tab Management. It got the #1 Chrome Extension of 2016 award from Product Hunt and made into the best of 2016 list of extensions on Google Chrome Store.

No developer or any person, in general, would deny (at least to themselves) deviating from their original train of work or thought. For instance, suddenly finding themselves reading a code cartoon, or a comic strip, or surfing social media, or unintentionally trapped inside the Chinese Doll that is the developer tweets, with 10s of tweet replies. Core Programming Concept tweets are mainly time taking. Tweets like those of Kyle Simpson (a.k.a @getify [he recently closed his account for some apparent politics thingy])

Toby gives you options. You can pick and choose your tabs, and store them in nicely knitted draggable tab lists like these:

Toby: Browser Tab Manager

Or if you are overwhelmed with, what 20 – 25 tabs opened at the same time, that you just want to give everything a pause, and shut them down. But you want to open them all again, without losing any of them (without doing cltr+shift+T). You can save all the active tabs in your browser session using Toby. It will close all the currently opened tabs in the window, but keep them for you to open later. You can save multiple sessions, that’s the beauty!

Toby: Save Session

Toggling on the advance features button in the settings menu will let you

  1. Add all the opened tabs inside a particular workspace/list.
  2. Close all the current tabs and open all the links stored in a particular list.

One can toggle between a light and the dark theme of the UI that Toby presents.

To know how these things are done in actions, the animated SVGs on toby’s how to use page are very helpful to understand what’s exactly going on.

A mini version of Toby is also available on the Chrome Store.

I know you can’t wait to get Toby’s hands-on experience. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts and feedback.

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