TikTok’s Viral ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ Is The Most Stupid Way To Die

skull breaker challenge

Social media trends have always been the center of attraction as people tend to follow them on a large scale. From bottle flip challenge to the 10-year challenge, 2019 witnessed many of them. The latest in the list is the Skull Breaker Challenge going viral on TikTok which is probably the most stupid way to die.

What Is Skull Breaker Challenge?


The Skull Breaker Challenge involves three people who stand next to each other. Firstly, the two people on the sides jump in the air and as they come to rest, the middle one jumps. As soon as the middle man jumps, she or he gets kicked by the other two and falls on the ground.

The target of the challenge is to make the person standing in the middle fall down flat. As the name suggests, it is a very dangerous challenge that can cause a lot of injuries including broken bones or even death.

Impact Of Skull Breaker Challenge

Several cases of injury among teenagers have been reported due to the Skull Breaker Challenge. Guardians of teenagers and young adults are worried about the spread and the risks involved in the challenge.

Several people who want to stop the wave of Skull Breaker Challenge shared videos on social media to warn teenagers and stop them. But it appears this is fuelling this dangerous trend even more.

It is not for the first time that people are concerned about a social media challenge. Previously, the globally famous Kiki challenge, where people got out of a moving car and danced along to a song named “In My Feelings” by Drake, caused several injuries.

Another life-threatening ‘Blue Whale’ challenge is already known to claim several teenage lives. This challenge incited youths to commit suicide.

TikTok’s Response

As reported by Gulf News, a TikTok official stated that the safety of the app users is the company’s first priority. He added that community guidelines restrict any acts that can cause a big threat or unwanted situation and any such reported content will be removed from the platform.

However, the videos have already gone viral on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Like any other viral trend on social media, it will be difficult for social media platforms to clamp down the Skull Breaker Challenge.

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