“Thor: Love And Thunder” Has A Deep-Rooted Symbiote Connection

Thor Love And Thunder Has A Deep-Rooted Symbiote Connection

There’s not much time left for the release of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ and while Marvel just dropped the first trailer of the movie, there are still lots of unanswered questions about the upcoming film. To begin with, what is the role of Zeus in the upcoming movie? Will we get to see the two going at it like in the comics? Is Gorr stronger than Thor? Who is Gorr, and where does he come from?

Moreover, the trailer hasn’t introduced fans to one of the most anticipated characters, Gorr the God butcher. Meanwhile, in this article, we’ll discuss the origins of ‘Gorr the God butcher’ and his connection to the symbiotes.

Before talking about Gorr the God butcher’s origins and how his powers came to be, let’s talk about how the character will fit into the movie, along with the other characters making their return in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’

As seen in the trailer, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ which is the 4th film, will introduce the female version of Thor. While comic fans are aware of Jane Foster wielding Thor’s hammer at some point in the series, seeing the character on the big screen would surely be a sight.

Furthermore, talking about the returning characters from the previous movies, Taika Waititi’s Korg, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, Chris Pratt’s Starlord, and the whole Guardians of the Galaxy gang will join the cast. In addition, the Asgardian actors are played by Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, and Sam Neill.

Meanwhile, the most anticipated additions are probably Russell Crowe playing the Greek God Zeus and Christian Bale getting into the character of Gorr, the God butcher.

Who is ‘Gorr the God butcher,’ and where does he come from?

Gorr was born on a planet with no name, spending every day on the brink of starvation. While Gorr and his people always prayed to the Gods for their help, their prayers were never answered. From once a devotee, Gorr turned to hate the Gods when his children and his pregnant wife died, along with his last son Agar, who died of starvation and heat.

While Agar was fighting for his life, Gorr saw two Gods fighting, one of them was Knull, God of Symbiotes, and another was a gold armored god. Meanwhile, after some time, the two Gods fell to the ground. As the gold armored God begged for Gorr’s help, Knull’s sword transformed into a black mass and bonded with Gorr, which the angry Gorr used to kill the armored God, thus beginning his journey as the God butcher.

While Gorr the God butcher’s origins are dramatic, so is his life; after merging with the symbiote left behind by Knull, Gorr traveled the cosmos for thousands of years, finding and killing every God. As for Gorr’s powers, after he killed each God, Gorr would feed off each God’s blood, thus absorbing their powers.

As for Knull, he was the Eldritch God of darkness who created the Symbiotes. Knull is arguably one of the most powerful characters of Marvel and hands down the most powerful villain. As for the other Symbiotes, while they were created by Knull, he ultimately lost his connection when one of the Symbiote dragons was struck by the young Thor, ultimately scattering them into several individual Symbiotes.

Furthermore, in the comics, ‘Gorr the God butcher’ has been in conflict with three versions of Thor; having traveled across time, Gorr fought against the past, present, and future Thor.

Thor past present in Thor love and thunder

‘Gorr the God Butcher’ in Thor: Love & Thunder

As for the 4th film in Marvel‘s Thor franchise, we still do not know how the characters will look on the big screen. As the unannounced trailer doesn’t reveal any details about Christian Bale’s character in Thor: Love and Thunder, we must wait for another teaser. Meanwhile, the upcoming Thor movie will feature time travel, owing to the teaser showing three versions of Thor.

Interestingly enough, would the three come together to fight Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder like they did in the comic books? Or would we see Thor teaming up with Lady Thor, played by Natalie Portman, to go against Gorr? Well, as of now, we don’t know for sure. However, we’ll let our readers know about any new details of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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